Bead Table Wednesday

 It's time for Bead Table Wednesday again! I would show you my nice table, but it's not a pretty sight. In fact, it looks very much like my table from a couple Wednesdays ago - a horrid wreck! And believe it or not, I DID clear it off, only to find I can't create with a clean table in front of me. I think there's something wrong with me!! I'm normally a very organized person - files for everything, storage containers of all shapes and sizes - my family says I'm a neat freak!

But when it comes to my bead table, I need to have my supplies right there, within reach! So instead of showing you my scary table again, I'll show you a few of my latest designs.

Opalite, matte crackle agate, ceramic, pretty Czech roses, seed beads, and my own polymer clay shell beads. I think this necklace is my favorite.

One of my polymer rainbow beads, lovely smokey quartz rounds, more rose beads, and a dainty chain made of fancy bead caps and wrapped seed bead links. At the back of the necklace there are more seed beads and fresh water pearls.

 Hemimorphite, matte crackle agate, polymer clay, and seed beads.
Polymer clay shells, real shell coins, opalite, and lots of wire wrapping.

Purple Czech roses, antique brass, and my polymer clay stacked beads.

And there you have it. Nice things can come from even the messiest of tables!!

Bead Table Wednesday
Happy Bead Table Wednesday!

Pony Parade

 Five more turquoise ponies! I'm having a blast making these, minus the sanding and polishing. Vigorously scrubbing my fingers with coarse paper is not my favorite thing but, if you work with polymer clay you know that all the effort is really worth it. The fun part is all the tiny inlay work and drawing on the markings.

Now, what to do with 5 ponies... For myself I like a pendant on a simple cord or chain most of the time. I think these could also do well with a fancier design. I'll have to think about that one a bit, in the mean time, I'll be listing these in my shop... and making even more... you can never have too many cute little ponies!

Hello Again!

It's shocking to think it's been 6 weeks since I last posted! Has it really been that long? 42 days? Yikes, that's a long time! Did you miss me? I certainly missed you.

Most of those 6 weeks I spent working on a contest entry. I know, that's a very long time to complete a single piece. I may have reached the end with only one, but I certainly designed far more than that. I went back and forth, tried new things, and threw out plenty of good ideas that just weren't perfect enough. What did I want? I'm not sure if even I knew. As usual, I was right up against the deadline. But I had to make SOMETHING. And finally I did. And I am really happy with it.

What!? No photos? Sorry, I can't show any just yet. But I will.

So what else did I do? As most of my creative time was spent dreaming up and throwing out contest designs, not to mention the actual making of the piece, I only got a few other things made.

A birthday bracelet for my awesome cousin.

A custom order dragon necklace.

Some new stamped beads with little butterflies.

And the first of my new favorite beads - a little "turquoise" pony with "coral" inlay.

I enjoyed a beautiful Luna moth in my window.

I thought about going riding. And then I thought about how hot it was and how much my horses would not appreciate me riding them and also how grumpy (and hot) I would get trying to ride a horse that did not want to be ridden. So I didn't.

I sorted through a jar of vintage buttons and found quite a few neat ones that you'll be seeing in new jewelry a little later.

I've been wanting to explore new color combinations, so I bought a book on color.

I went bead shopping on Etsy.

(Do you ever find when you have a project that must be finished, the ideas for other designs come so easily? All the ones that aren't at all right, but you'd really love to make them. That happened to me a lot.)

I thought about going riding again... still too hot? Yes. Definitely.

I celebrated the 4th of July with family and lots of good food. A firework show in town, more fireworks in the yard, and root beer floats.

I reorganized my work area.

On July 9th, two days before it was due, I submitted my design for the contest. Whew! Just in time!!

And now I'm happy to announce I'm back to work as usual! In the last couple days I finished shaping a batch of critter beads I had started back at the beginning of these 6 weeks, I started more turquoise horse beads, and made 3 1/2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and 2 pairs of earrings. Woohoo!

The proof of all my work. What a mess! I'm wondering if there are as many wire trimmings as beads!

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!!! Boy, it's good to be back!

Bead Table Wednesday
Be sure to check out what everyone's doing today - I know that's where I'm headed now... I've got a lot to catch up on...