Bead Table Wednesday

It's Bead Table Wednesday again. A very cloudy Wednesday for me, so cloudy I couldn't get any decent photos indoors of my hugely messy table. I've never been able to get nice photos in indoor lighting... not sure if it's my camera or if it's just me!

Anyways, here's what's on my table: a teeny tiny dragon!

There's nothing I love more than tiny details. Whenever I'm making something new I'm always wondering how much smaller I can go. I once thought my first dragons were really tiny, but this little guy is my very smallest... so far. He's wrapped around a 12mm faceted carnelian and his whole body fits comfortably on top of a nickel!

I made two of these "micro" dragons.

Here they are with their larger sibling.

And now, back to work! These little guys need to be hung on chains so they'll be ready for their new homes... then I'm making bunny beads!

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!

Bead Table Wednesday
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Bead Table Wednesday

Late last night I started putting some new designs together and kept pulling out more and more beads I thought I might need. And then new ideas, totally unrelated to my original plan began forming...

Today this is my clay table:

This mess started with the seahorse (from PatinaQueen on Etsy - I love her stuff!). I'm planning a long-ish necklace with large oval rings, shell discs, seed beads, and my own seashell beads. While I was still thinking about the seahorse, I started on a new fringe design with the seashells and seed beads. And finally I moved on to a bracelet... so much going on!

The beads are spreading to my computer table! I'm being overrun!! Here I shifted gears and started thinking in orange...


Here are a few new clay things I finished recently:

Painted daisy pendants. I'm still working on what sort of necklace they will hang on.

Some of my new shell beads. These were inspired by Heather Power's Down by the Sea cane tutorial. When I first made them I thought I'd made too many, but after last night's new ideas, I can see I'm going to be making more... lots more.

...back to creating!

Bead Table Wednesday
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Little Woodland Critter Beads

New little woodland critters all finished and ready for new jewelry designs! Aren't they cute?

I still want to make more blue birds and squirrels, but right now I'm getting ready to make some spring-y designs. The first spring flowers are just beginning to open here and after such a long drab winter, I really need some flowers... in polymer clay!


The painting still continues on my table today, but here's a peek at what's finished so far:

Four pewter dragons with rubies from last week, and a few new additions: 2 pewter dragons with a lovely artisan glass bead by Beads & Botanicals, a blue dragon with a white agate, and a red dragon with a black and white crackle agate. They each have their patina now and are ready to be strung on necklaces.

Well, that's it. Back to painting for me! Twenty-six little critter beads and 3 daisy pendants are waiting for their last coats of paint... It's going to be a busy night!

Bead Table Wednesday

Painting, painting, and more painting. That about sums up my table for the day! Little critter beads, daisy pendants, dragons, and winged hearts all getting a little splash of color... I love it!

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!

Bead Table Wednesday ~ 3/9/11

It's Bead Table Wednesday! What's Bead Table Wednesday? Heather Powers of Humblebeads started this fun new tradition - every Wednesday jewelry makers from all over share what's new on their table. Here's mine:

Technically this isn't my table. It has been dark and rainy here for days and I just couldn't get enough light to photograph my table, so I moved all my latest stuff outdoors for better lighting.

Various molds and stamps, and some glass beads.

New cast things: wheel beads, a daisy pendant (waiting to be painted), a painted sea gull pendant. And three little sculpted hearts for winged heart pendants.

Turquoise horse beads separated and matched into pairs for earrings. A lone fox bead waiting for some paint (his buddies are still sitting on my table in raw form).

New dragon shield pendants cast in a lovely shade of metallic red. I'm really liking this new color!

Four little pewter dragons with rubies waiting for their patina.

And this is the really exciting part of my Bead Table Wednesday:

I just found out this morning that one of Heather's butterfly pendants is headed my way! I won her giveaway from last week's BTW! Thanks Heather - I can't wait to create something new with it!

Bead Table Wednesday
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