Polymer Clay Stamps

All finished!

Each one of the stamps is my own original design copied from a sketch. I transfer the sketch to the raw clay and then "draw" out the design using different size needles. After curing I brush each stamp liberally with water and press my new earring or pendant on to it.

The stamps:

Trees from the first earrings.

Little kitties with flowers.

Pines in the sun.

A tree with a heart in its branches.

Wind swept trees (right).

And here a few tests showing the designs the stamps create:

Now I just have to mix new colors for my final designs - I'll be working on that over the next few days.

New Bracelets and More Earrings

I finished these bracelets a couple weeks ago:

A sculpted dragon holding a fire agate combined with antiqued rings.

An exotic bloom bracelet. I really like the smoothness of the bloom contrasting with the coarseness of the knotted cord and beads.

A swirly black and white bracelet.

And a winged heart - this is a new design I started working with just before Christmas - there are so many possibilities!

A pair of winged heart earrings.

And a pair of exotic bloom earrings. I have just a few slices left of this cane and it'll be gone...time to start a new one!

Today I'm working on new stamps for earrings and pendants (like the ones I used for the tree earrings in yesterday's post)...I'll post photos of them tomorrow morning after baking and a few test runs.

New Earrings and Some Heart Magnets

Here are two pairs of my latest earrings...and 8 heart magnets done in the Hearts & Roses style.

I really like the way these trees turned out. I used a new technique, making two mirror image stamps and then stamping the baked stamp onto the earrings to get raised detail. And because I used stamps, I can repeat this design as many times as I want. I think I'll try out different colors and I'd also like to hang a small stone or bead in the hole.

These are my Aztec Gear earrings - a really simple swirly earring drop, spiced up with some Aztec gear looking beads.

And finally my new magnets.