New Bracelets and More Earrings

I finished these bracelets a couple weeks ago:

A sculpted dragon holding a fire agate combined with antiqued rings.

An exotic bloom bracelet. I really like the smoothness of the bloom contrasting with the coarseness of the knotted cord and beads.

A swirly black and white bracelet.

And a winged heart - this is a new design I started working with just before Christmas - there are so many possibilities!

A pair of winged heart earrings.

And a pair of exotic bloom earrings. I have just a few slices left of this cane and it'll be gone...time to start a new one!

Today I'm working on new stamps for earrings and pendants (like the ones I used for the tree earrings in yesterday's post)...I'll post photos of them tomorrow morning after baking and a few test runs.

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