Up for Adoption: Sleepy Puppy Dog Beads

I solved my photography problem! I made the little puppies a tiny plaid blanket to lay on—perfect contrast to my crackled white wood—and the puppies were so comfy!

Come and meet them:

Little sleepy tri-color Jack Russell Terrier

Little sleepy tan and white Rat Terrier (As you know Rat Terriers hold a very special spot in my heart—I had to make one.)

Little sleepy Rottweiler (As a little kid growing up I wanted a fierce protective dog, something huge—Rottweilers were on that list.)

 Little sleepy black Pomeranian

Little sleepy red and white Pit Bull

Little sleepy chocolate Pomeranian

Little sleepy blue and white Pit Bull

They're all available for adoption in my Etsy shop here.

And finally…
My first custom order dog portraits are available! I left two little Jack Russells unpainted so I can custom paint them to match someone's special pup. I've wanted to do custom pets for ages, so I'm super excited to finally have these ready to go!

More puppy dogs are on the way soon. What's your favorite dog breed? Did you grow up with a dog? What kind is the puppy dog that fills your everyday life with happiness and love now? I'm taking suggestions. :-)

(And yes, new sleepy kitties are in the works too.)

And then she was distracted…

You probably don't know it, but sleepy puppy dogs can be oh-so stubborn and difficult to photograph!

Or maybe I should blame my camera… or my photographer (me, at the moment)…

Or the fact that these little puppies are mostly white and so is my usual Etsy shop backdrop—can you see the camouflaged puppies? Not so great for a listing photo.

Yeah, I was getting kinda grouchy and frustrated—making beads is so much easier than photographing them!

And then there was this:


Waking up to say hi…

Asking so sweetly…

And sleeping again (on my lap this time)…

How can I resist?

I didn't.

When a once wild (feral) kitty asks for a nap on your lap, there's no answer but yes. Seeing that total trust and love in his bright eyes and hearing his soft rumbling purr is enough. It puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

*and she melted*

Photographing to be continued…

Sleepy Dog Beads!

It's photo shoot day for the puppies.

A long nap is always a good idea on days like this!

They'll be available for adoption very soon!

On AJE Blog ~ make your own inside outside pressed flower beads

Today on Art Jewelry Elements blog, I'm making beads with my new wild flower molds! Join us here to learn how to make these rustically elegant inside outside polymer beads.

Or skip the bead-making part and grab a few of these for your next jewelry creations! They're in my shop here.

Happy beady Saturday!

The winning number and other winners!

So, how many critters am I holding?


And the winner is Pine Ridge Treasures!

Wait! we have two winners who chose number 35—the second winner is shazzyk1969!
(Thanks for letting me know I missed your comment—you definitely must have a critter too!)

And… then because I love to have more winners (and the sleepy critters want to continue with their plot for world domination by cuteness) I used Random.org to draw 3 more winners!

Judi Chastain



(I'm emailing you ladies now for your mailing addresses)

Thank you all so much for playing along and sharing my giveaway!!

A Walk in the Woods

It's very easy to lose track of time enjoying nature's beauty while out on a "short" walk in the woods. So many gorgeous things grow there—so many things that we may never see if we don't take the time.

Whenever I go out I can't help but stop and take a look…

Nature is art in its truest and purest form—every artist can enjoy it, but will never, I think, reach that height of absolute perfection. What inspiration!

I had actually started today's venture with a plan to find a few new back-drops to try out for bead photography. I did get just a little distracted, but what could be a happier distraction?!

I'm not sure yet if my new finds will work like I hope they will. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test them—by the time I got home it was too dark for photography…
… and the puppies were sound asleep…

No, I never mind happy distractions at all!

Sleepy Critter Guessing Game Giveaway!

I just finished another batch of little sleepies… and it's time for another giveaway!

Aren't they cute?

I'll give you a tiny hint… I'm holding more than 20, but less than 50…

Enter your guess in the comments below and whoever's guess is the closet to the actual number will win a sleepy critter bead of their choice!!

The rules:
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments below with your guess of how many critters I'm holding. And you get extra entries by leaving additional comments for doing one or all of these:

1. Becoming a follower of Tree Wings Studio blog
2. Sharing my giveaway on your blog, facebook, or twitter

Be sure to leave ONE comment for EACH thing you do.

And don't forget to leave your contact info and which sleepy critter is your favorite along with your guess.

Of course, international bead lovers are welcome to enter too. :-)

(Feel free to use any of the photos posted here when sharing.)

I'll announce the winner(s) on August 16th. Happy guessing!

* This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering!*


Here they are—all painted! And oh-so-cute, if I may say so myself! I decided to paint them a darkish chestnut brown—I thought they should be a little darker than their cousin, the cotton-tail bunny. After all, jackalopes are a rather mysterious and elusive little critter—very hard to find in their natural wild habitat.

They're in the shop here. I only have eight jackalopes left is this batch, so hurry and get yours!

Happy beading!

On AJE Blog ~ wildflower molds

These days I've been picking wildflowers and making new molds… which always means new beads are coming!!

On Art Jewelry Elements blog today I'm sharing some tips and tricks for making your own molds! Join us here.

Happy Saturday!