A furry little visitor

Back last summer I saw a cat in my front yard. I didn't think too much of it since living in the country often brings animals of all kinds into the front yard. But then I saw it again a few days later and then again the next week. It started coming around at least a few times a week. I noticed it hunting occasionally and started wondering if it had a home. It continued coming and going. And then late one night during a snow in February I found it on the front porch sitting huddled up as though it was waiting for the snow to stop falling. I put out some dog food (I didn't have any kitty food) and a few hours later the snow had stopped and the cat was gone and so was the food. The next day I got some kitty food and every day I'd put a handful on the porch… some days it would get eaten and some days it wouldn't. But I never actually saw the cat eating and although I did see the cat more frequently, I actually began to wonder if maybe I was feeding a skunk or a rat instead!

But then on Saturday I saw him (or her)! I had just put the food out like I've done every day before going out to feed my horses and when I came back, there he was relaxing on the porch after eating his dinner!

The little guy is not too sure of me yet, but was nice enough to let me snap these photos to share with you.

A beautiful kitty! And what a sweet expression! After this long of coming here, I think he must be in search of a forever home… :-)

In studio news, I'm nearing completing the restocking—most of the sleepy critters have been restocked and next up I have turquoise ponies… and I've finally narrowed down my list of what new beads to make next! Sometimes there are too many ideas—settling on just a few is so hard!

And in puppy news, I'm still searching for my next little puppy girl…