I'm back... with some new beads!

Hi again! So sorry for the long absence! I didn't actually go anywhere—I've been here all along... life just got a little more crazy than usual and I couldn't keep up with everything.

The past couple months for me have involved so many things: a very sick little dog, a brand new job (which I totally love!), a tornado touchdown that caused a five-day power outage right in the middle of a scorching heat wave, all kinds of things breaking and suddenly not working around the house... and numerous other things that would just make this list too long and depressing. And of course, along with all that there was a lack of sleep which didn't help with the fact that each day is never long enough to do everything that needs doing... and somewhere in all the craziness, bead making and blogging got mostly left behind...

But now I'm finding more time in my days again and I'm back at doing the things I love!

I have a whole bunch of beads and pendants that have been waiting their turn to be listed in the shop. I've just started on that. And there are new bead designs in progress... :-)

Here are the latest additions to the shop:

Hand painted daisy pendants... these are my favorite and I only have two of them, so don't let them get away!

New sleepy critters! Little yorkshire terriers! Thanks to a few wonderful customers asking, I'm now starting to make dogs. Keep your eye out for other breeds in the shop in the coming months.

Yes, they're FINALLY in the shop too—sleepy flying bluebirds. (Sleeping while flying not recommended... it requires special talent! ;-)

Rustic flower pendants in black.... I only have two of these also.

One rustic flower pendant in denim blue.

Wild roses in white.

Scattered rose drop pairs in turquoise and...

White! Thanks for the suggestion, Theresa! :-)

Tiny winged heart charm pairs.

And finally, scattered rose rings—I think these would make great toggles!

See everything in my shop here!