Polymer Clay Stamps

All finished!

Each one of the stamps is my own original design copied from a sketch. I transfer the sketch to the raw clay and then "draw" out the design using different size needles. After curing I brush each stamp liberally with water and press my new earring or pendant on to it.

The stamps:

Trees from the first earrings.

Little kitties with flowers.

Pines in the sun.

A tree with a heart in its branches.

Wind swept trees (right).

And here a few tests showing the designs the stamps create:

Now I just have to mix new colors for my final designs - I'll be working on that over the next few days.

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  1. Some interesting results indeed. I can't wait to see these with colour added. It will give them a whole new dimension too.

  2. This is very creative and special. What a great way to make a design only you have. I love the one with the cat very much!! And - you have a great blog. Just found you!!!

  3. Hi Lone! Thanks - glad to have you here! :-)