Bead Table Wednesday

Late last night I started putting some new designs together and kept pulling out more and more beads I thought I might need. And then new ideas, totally unrelated to my original plan began forming...

Today this is my clay table:

This mess started with the seahorse (from PatinaQueen on Etsy - I love her stuff!). I'm planning a long-ish necklace with large oval rings, shell discs, seed beads, and my own seashell beads. While I was still thinking about the seahorse, I started on a new fringe design with the seashells and seed beads. And finally I moved on to a bracelet... so much going on!

The beads are spreading to my computer table! I'm being overrun!! Here I shifted gears and started thinking in orange...


Here are a few new clay things I finished recently:

Painted daisy pendants. I'm still working on what sort of necklace they will hang on.

Some of my new shell beads. These were inspired by Heather Power's Down by the Sea cane tutorial. When I first made them I thought I'd made too many, but after last night's new ideas, I can see I'm going to be making more... lots more.

...back to creating!

Bead Table Wednesday
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