Bead Table Wednesday ~ 3/9/11

It's Bead Table Wednesday! What's Bead Table Wednesday? Heather Powers of Humblebeads started this fun new tradition - every Wednesday jewelry makers from all over share what's new on their table. Here's mine:

Technically this isn't my table. It has been dark and rainy here for days and I just couldn't get enough light to photograph my table, so I moved all my latest stuff outdoors for better lighting.

Various molds and stamps, and some glass beads.

New cast things: wheel beads, a daisy pendant (waiting to be painted), a painted sea gull pendant. And three little sculpted hearts for winged heart pendants.

Turquoise horse beads separated and matched into pairs for earrings. A lone fox bead waiting for some paint (his buddies are still sitting on my table in raw form).

New dragon shield pendants cast in a lovely shade of metallic red. I'm really liking this new color!

Four little pewter dragons with rubies waiting for their patina.

And this is the really exciting part of my Bead Table Wednesday:

I just found out this morning that one of Heather's butterfly pendants is headed my way! I won her giveaway from last week's BTW! Thanks Heather - I can't wait to create something new with it!

Bead Table Wednesday
Visit the Flickr group by clicking the button above to see what's new on everyone's table.

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  1. What wonderous beautiful polymerclay things you make!!!

  2. I really like your style!!!
    Very beautiful your creations!!!

  3. Rebekah, you continue to astound me with your talent for turning a lump of polymer into beautiful works of takes a special talent for such intricacy and perfect form~you have the Zen!

  4. Thank you ladies!!

    ...And Sharon, you are too kind! - Your comment really made my day! :-)

  5. Oh, it's all so gorgeous! I love your stuff =)

  6. Loving the new red dragons & the pewter ones too of course lol. Oh well break over back to skull sculpting lol.