Shop update is now live!

Are you as excited as I am?! It's been far too long since I've had new critters! But they really are finally here—go to my shop here—and snatch up your favorites!

Sweet little stripey chipmunks…

…there's something about about those itty bitty stripes that makes me smile every time I see them. :-)

Little brown bears.

And little black bears.

I saw a little black bear cub while walking in the woods a few years back and we both just stared at each other—I'm really not sure who was more surprised—me or him!

And little black masked badgers… or brocks… personally, I do love the name brock.

One more peek at the new flower garden bunnies too.

And, there are brand new fabric covered bead cords from my mom to match the grey bunnies…

"Sidewalk Posies" She said for her, the fabric brings to mind the little flowers that sometimes grow-up in the cracks of a sidewalk. What a sweet name, don't you think? We really do need flowers everywhere!

We've had this fabric for practically ages—I remember when I was really little, I had dreams of my mom making me a dress with it… but I think we can all now be glad that she didn't. ;-)

We have both the long cord and the short cord, but only 2 of each— more are on their way!

See everything in my shop here.

Happy shopping!

Shop Update Preview

 They're coming… this Thursday! Finally! I know, it feels like the wait has been forever—I'm so thrilled to be adding to the sleepy critter family again!

Come welcome the new sleepies…

There are sweet stripy chipmunks… badgers… black bears… and brown bears. Being my first batch of these brand new critters, I decided to only do eight of each (4 of each of the bear colors), so I could get them all out in my shop at the same time and then I'll add them to my regular critter making routine.

Of course it can take me a couple weeks for each batch and right now I'm not doing any pre-orders… so grab these first ones up while you can!

Do you have a favorite yet? 

I think my favorite might be the chipmunk… at least for this moment… it's oh-so hard to choose!

And then there are new flower garden bunnies (aka flower pant bunnies) in the update too!

See them in my shop on Thursday!

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I was inspired by starry skies and bright fireworks… and made these new earrings!

Go here to see my tutorial on AJE blog and make a pair for yourself too!

Happy beading!