On AJE Blog ~ August 2014 CoM Giveaway!

Yes, that's right! I'm hosting the Component of the Month Challenge and Giveaway for August on Art Jewelry Elements blog!

And this time it's my leather feathers that are up for grabs!

Hand painted mirrored earring pairs…

Or single feather focals…

Three of these color patterns are brand new… look for them in my shop later on today. :-)

I have so many ideas of what to make with them and I'm so excited to see what everyone else will create!

Here's  a little peek back at what I've made with leather feathers so far…

"Fly with Painted Wings"

Wire Wrapped Feather Bracelet… and the tutorial here.

Beaded Fringe Feather Focal… with another tutorial for you here.

Beaded Drop Feather Earrings… one last tutorial here.

So, would you like to join me for the August CoM? Go here to enter!

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A few more new beads in the shop…

It's been a busy week of painting here in my studio. And what fun I've been having! Here's what's new so far…

Fern pressed leaf focals in two new colors…

"Woodland Sunset" Sunset has always been my most favorite time of day and it's an extra special time for me when I get to experience it out in the woods, watching the tree-shadows grow as the sky glows brightly between the branches… then there's the glorious show of vibrant color just as the sunset dies—yes! it's my favorite time indeed!

"Golden Morning Mist" I can like mornings too, can't I? These days I do see less and less of them with my night-owl habits, but I do love the misty mornings. It's a whole new world out there in the sunlit mist.

And I also painted some new wild rose charms…

"Rustic Copper Brown" This color was a happy accident. I love the way it turned out though and already have plans to use it again for other beads. It reminds me of old antique leather bound books.

And finally, some wild rose charms in my Stormy Blue color.

See them all in my shop here.

Happy friday to all my beady friends!

Shop update is now live!

Are you as excited as I am?! It's been far too long since I've had new critters! But they really are finally here—go to my shop here—and snatch up your favorites!

Sweet little stripey chipmunks…

…there's something about about those itty bitty stripes that makes me smile every time I see them. :-)

Little brown bears.

And little black bears.

I saw a little black bear cub while walking in the woods a few years back and we both just stared at each other—I'm really not sure who was more surprised—me or him!

And little black masked badgers… or brocks… personally, I do love the name brock.

One more peek at the new flower garden bunnies too.

And, there are brand new fabric covered bead cords from my mom to match the grey bunnies…

"Sidewalk Posies" She said for her, the fabric brings to mind the little flowers that sometimes grow-up in the cracks of a sidewalk. What a sweet name, don't you think? We really do need flowers everywhere!

We've had this fabric for practically ages—I remember when I was really little, I had dreams of my mom making me a dress with it… but I think we can all now be glad that she didn't. ;-)

We have both the long cord and the short cord, but only 2 of each— more are on their way!

See everything in my shop here.

Happy shopping!