Fall Sale and Giveaway!

* * * This sale and giveaway has ended. * * *
Thank you to everyone who entered, shared and shopped!

It's my most favorite time of year… I'm feeling so inspired to make new beads, but each day it's a hard choice between going out for a walk in the gorgeously colored woods to enjoy the sights of autumn… or make beads. Today it's been raining again and with more heavy rain expected to fall for the next few days, it looks like the bead-making is going to win! I really can't complain, though—what better way to spend a rainy week!

And now it's time for a little fun for you all too! Starting today and through October 18th, everything in my shop is 20% off when you use code AUTUMN20 at checkout. Go here to start shopping!

And… because fun to me always means more beads… I'm having a giveaway too!
Here's what you could win…

"Fading Flowers"
My first ever giveaway with one of my sister Bethanne's gorgeous hand-drawn links (I always get the best for you all! :-) … with a copper brown daisy and a denim blue Queen Anne's Lace ring to complement.

"Flight in Purple Skies"
One of my purple sunset leather feathers, an eggplant purple daisy charm, and two little gold ravens. 

"Early Frost"
Yes, it's already frosted here… although I have yet to be up early enough to see it—crazy night-owl me! Anyhoo, this brand new Queen Anne's Lace pendant is inspired by that frosty white and the glittering gossamer of the early morning. I added a little sleepy chipmunk and chocolate truffle speckle bead to make this set perfect for fall designs!

The Rules:

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments below. And you get extra entries by leaving additional comments for doing one or all of these:

1. Becoming a follower of Tree Wings Studio blog
2. Sharing my GIVEAWAY on your blog, facebook, twitter, or pinterest
3. Sharing my SALE on your blog, facebook, twitter, or pinterest

Be sure to leave ONE comment for EACH thing you do.

And don't forget to leave your contact info.

Of course, international bead lovers are welcome to enter too. :-)

(Feel free to use any of the photos posted here when sharing.)

This giveaway will end on October 18th (at 11:59pm EST) and I'll announce the winners on October 20th.

And here's a peek at a few new things in my shop

Queen Anne's Lace pendants in "Gossamer White"… there will be more beads in this color in the coming weeks!

Bethanne just finished this new color palette for her "Emily" design in gorgeous misty tones. And we now have them listed as singles… a perfect accent to any necklace or bracelet… or to use as a focal.

I'm always making daisy charms—this time in rustic copper brown for your fall-themed jewelry.

Ravens and seabirds are listed too!

Go here to start shopping…

Happy shopping and winning!

Playing with new polymer colors

A few weeks back a lovely customer asked if I had some other color options for my Dragon Shield pendants to match one of her own bead mixes and I happily agreed to let her pick through the possibilities as I was already mixing new colors.

But… since I was going to be highlighting the polymer with acrylics, I couldn't simply show the raw colors. So each color had to be first baked and painted—and how was I going to do that quickly and without just baking boring blobs of polymer?

Make some brand new focals, of course!

With the gorgeous fall weather quickly approaching, horses have been on my mind even more so than usual. Last week I dug out my riding tack, gave it a very much needed cleaning and oiling, and hopped up on horseback—okay, "hopped" is the wrong word—I'm not at all in riding shape at the moment! I went out for a short ride on both my noble steeds and it was so nice to be riding again… although, I am still a little sore today!

So, of course I wanted to make something with horses. I pulled out my favorite horse stamp that I made a few years ago, a fancy button, some richly detailed silverware handles, and my daisy mold…

Then I just played with different arrangements of the patterns… and enjoyed it immensely!

And now they're in my shop!
Well, the ones that haven't already been snatched up, that is! :-)

And this little one here… 


After photographing, editing photos, and setting up the listing for it in my shop, I gave into the fact that I really wanted to keep it for myself and have put it on my jewelry making table for a new necklace. A bead-maker needs a few beads for herself once in a while, right?

See what's left in my shop here.

More designs coming soon!

AJE August 2014 CoM Challenge Reveal ~ Crimson Raven

Another month has flown by… and it's time for another Component of the Month Reveal! These monthly challenges really are one of my most favorite things about being a member of the awesome AJE team. This month is extra special since it was my turn to host… and I'm just bursting with excitement at finally getting to see the brand new creations everyone has dreamed up with my hand painted leather feathers!

For myself I chose one of the long focal feathers in black, grey, crimson, and copper… and here's what I've made…

I love long necklaces!

And I love these colors! There's something so incredibly beautiful and special about seeing the flocks of birds flying in the richly colored sun-setting skies of autumn—when you can only see their silhouettes mingled with black tree branches against the smoky grey and crimson red—that's what these colors remind me of, and so I've titled my new necklace "Crimson Raven".

For the focal I used a large Russian lace agate donut and a smaller donut in carnelian and wrapped them together with hemp. And then with a little more hemp and a dot of glue, I tied the feather in place. Two gemstone rounds—like the setting sun and rising moon—yes, that seems fitting for an autumn themed necklace, I think…

On either side of the feather I strung czech glass ovals with spotted brass spacers and iris grey seed beads.

And next I made a grouping of art beads, mixing up the arrangement just a bit on either side to keep things interesting. I used three of my own hand-painted speckle beads, a few of my tribal birds from my latest bead batch (the white gulls are in my shop already and weather permitting I'll have the ravens listed on Monday. :-). I added in a couple red creek jasper rounds, some hematite faceted beads, and a pair of lovely rustic black ceramic rounds from Lesley Watt.

For some reason finishing the backs of necklaces often takes me longer than any other part and after first contemplating several more complicated options, I decided to keep it simple—I ended my beaded front section with seed bead loops and used micro suede lace tied with hemp to finish it off.

One last bit of hemp cord to tie it all together and there you have it!

Time to hop! Follow the links below to see what everyone else dreamed up with the leather feathers they chose. Thank you all so much for joining me in this challenge!

Guest Artists

The AJE Team
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