Another shop update!

Just a few days ago I added these new hand painted focals to my shop! I used some slightly brighter polymer colors, over layered with patterns of various found objects and some of my own hand drawn motifs… and of course, over top of it all I added several layers of paint. I'm really loving how these turned out to mimic batik fabrics!

I've never made cones before, but when I was left with some small scraps after making the shard focals, I quickly made my own cone form and made these. Since in their former life they were scraps, these cones are all mismatched in size and pattern… but I think they'd be super fun for a tassel or an asymmetric necklace or bracelet.

I'll be working on some matched pairs for earrings later. :-)

See everything in my shop here!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love the look of these! Just gorgeous. I would love a fabric with this print, to drape myself in it.

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