Exotic Bloom Vase

My next project uses a cane I made last winter - my Exotic Bloom square kaleidoscope:

It all starts with a skinner blend - this one is going to be the bloom's center. The blend is rolled up, reduced and cut into 8 pieces.

The arranged center. This kaleidoscope cane is made up of 8 identical pieces, so I only need to make half of the floral design.

Next I make the bloom petal blend and reduce it.

I roll the reduced blend through the pasta machine to make thin stripes. I wrap them over one side of the center and the bloom is finished.

Now for the leaves - another blend this time in greens and yellow. This is my favorite leaf blend.

I add veins and shape one half of the leaf - remember I only need to make half the design.

Here I've reduced the bloom and leaf so they're the same length.

And now for the brain cane! This one is my first. I have to say it turned out pretty well, but then again a brain cane is a bit hard to get wrong - unless of course you don't like the color arrangement ;-).

A quick run through the pasta machine to put the blend and green together. Then I fold up the cane, reduce it and cut it in thirds.

Fitting the brain around the bloom and leaf… How cute! - the kittens have come for a visit!

Say hello to Sophie and Ella, they belong to my sisters. They love to watch me work, sometimes adding a bit of cat hair to my projects or a paw print. Ella (the long haired cutie) will often curl up on my lap for a nap.

Almost finished.

One last blend to fill it in.

And now it all goes together - I cut the original "half" cane in half and put the two pieces side by side to form a whole. Then I cut this "whole" cane in fourths and put the pieces together forming a square.

A border of brown completes the cane.

Here are a few jewelry pieces I made from leftover trimmings - a pair of earrings and two pendants - still in progress…

And now we finally get to the making of the vase. Its 3 1/2" tall. I begin by collecting all the remaining scraps and chopping the larger pieces.

The scraps are rolled, wrapped, reduced, and squared.

Slices of the kaleidoscope are applied to the vase and then I cut slices from the "scrap" cane.

I press the tiles onto a piece of glass and straighten their sides with a flat edged sculpting tool.

Straightening the sides.

The tiles are pressed onto the vase for baking.

Next I have the tedious job of sanding all 107 tiny tiles.

Covering the vase. I add a bit of torn clay and prick along the edges for a worn look.

Adding the tiles.

Finished and ready for the last baking...

...And here the vase is completed. After baking, I polished the tiles and added a wash to highlight the detail in the brown clay.

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  1. That's a great tutorial, and I love when the kittens come in to do some quality control!

  2. Ahoy what a lot of work ....but well worth it....it's beautiful ....you are fantastic!!!
    Natalie aka safti

  3. Ahoy what a lot of work ....but well worth it....it's beautiful ....you are fantastic!!!
    Natalie aka safti

  4. I agree with Natalie/Safti! Beautiful work, and you are indeed fantastic! And so are the kittens ☺