Little Dragons

I've always found some of my best designs are born when I'm creating for someone else. This necklace was a gift to my sister - she just turned 15 on the 9th. I hand sculpted the little dragon with all its tiny scales in an ivory/pearl mixture and wrapped it around a fire agate bead. After baking I added the washes to give it an aged look.

A couple days later three more dragons hatched out:

What do you think? Kinda cute? Maybe one day I'll manage a fierce looking dragon! ;-)

Dragon number 2.

Dragon number 3.

And dragon number 4 - I know number names aren't great, but they sure are easy!

A handful of little dragons - who could resist one of these little guys sitting close to their heart!

I still have 5 beads just waiting for a dragon and then they'll be off to my Etsy shop to hopefully find homes. And after that it's on to more dragons with more beads - and there are a few other creatures taking shape in my mind - maybe an owl, a phoenix, a horse...

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  1. I like these cute yes but still dragons too.

  2. Great, great work ! Just incredible the way you play with polymer and some acrylic (i suppose). The result is gorgeous.
    Thank you to share with us your beauties.


  3. These Are Wonderful I Love Them!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! So glad you like them!

  5. Can I buy it?They are all great!

  6. These exact dragons found homes a while back, but I'm always making more. Check out my shop here: or email me about making one just for you using the contact form at the top of this page.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!