Last Festival of the Year

Last Saturday at Mountain Magic in Fall was a wonderful success! It was a beautiful sunny day filled with lots of sales. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to my last festival of the year!

My setup was much the same as it was at Lazy Daze. The main difference was in my inventory - for Mountain Magic I brought all my work - jewelry, decor, and pens.

These new pictures were among my other decor (You may remember them from these posts here and here.) I was so excited when the little kitty found a new home...she'll be traveling all the way to France!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and made my day at Mountain Magic a success! See you all again next October!

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  1. Love your clay "paintings" and the booth looks wonderful & inviting :)

  2. Thanks Tonja! Once the Christmas rush is over I hope I'll have some time for making more of these pictures... I have so many ideas! Right now it's all jewelry - mostly dragons, dragons, and more dragons! :-)