Bead Table Wednesday ~ 8/31/11

Aside from the growing mountain of woodland critter beads awaiting final shaping and painting, there are a few new things happening on my table...

Black owls. Just like my brown owls in the previous post... only black. This guy is the first to get his photo shoot. His friends Wynken and Nod are next in line.

Rustic flower pendants in teal blue.

And a couple new bracelets...
Last Glow at Dusk - polymer rounds, gold "sea glass", crackle agate, blue agate, and Czech glass.

Sing Softly - sleepy woodland critter bird, polymer rounds, spotted ceramic beads, blue agate, and gold "sea glass".

Bead Table Wednesday
Happy Bead Table Wednesday!!

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  1. You create marvelous things! I'm so in love with your owls.

  2. Just found your blog - and your beads - they are absolutely stunning! I am waiting til the beginning of the month and then I will definitely be ordering a few :-)