Bead Table Wednesday ~ 11/30/11

It's pony making day! I've finished shaping them and now I'm adding all the little "coral" pieces. This is my favorite part of making these beads.

Bead Table Wednesday
Happy Bead Table Wednesday!!

(click on the button to see what everyone else has on their table)

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  1. How cute! Thanks for showing the's interesting.

  2. These are awesome! Love these little ponies!

  3. Oh My! How am I just finding you today? I absolutely love LOVE your beads. Your animals are so super cute and perfect and you can expect me to be placing an order soon. I have been looking for a cute deer for sometime now. I am so happy to have found your etsy shop - eeee!

  4. @ ladynoble: Thanks!! I'm sure my beads would love to be a part of your creations! The way you put things together is both unique and fascinating... love it!!

  5. Very cool! I love how the red design is a little different on all of them.