Spirals and Stars ~ 52 Earrings: week 20

Today I was feeling very uncreative. (I'm not the only one that gets that way sometimes, right?) I wasn't in the mood to make some new beads, so I thought I'd try for something that was easy. I dug through my box of unused and "nearly" discarded beads—beads that hadn't turned out as exciting as I'd expected and had been saved for a later date in hopes of gaining new life. I found two discs with a carved spiral. They were originally a blotchy yellow and brown. I quickly changed that with layers of blue and copper paint. While the paint was drying, I searched though drawers of glass and gemstone beads and found some sodalite rounds and stars, opalite, and some iridescent faceted crystals. I simply wrapped them in a circle with brown Zebra Wire, hung them on some brass earwires... and that was that... my result of a very uncreative day.

I think I like them. :-)

Check out the Flickr pool here to see what everyone else mixed up for week twenty.

See you next week with another pair!

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  1. Oh wow, this is the results of an uncreative day? Remind me to never, ever show the results of my days like that. Love the blue and copper together.

    Have you received your package from me yet? I lost the delivery confirmation slip in all the craziness that followed my trip to the post office.

    1. Haha! I surprised myself with these! I really wasn't sure they'd make the cut. I've had many uncreative days that end horribly... scary horrid! These thankfully, turned out presentable!

      Yes!! "they" did arrive! And you beat me to writing you! Thank you so much for the extra goodie! That was super sweet of you! I've already picked out some beads to put with that one—it will be a bracelet, I think. And the other one.... I think she might need some sleepy fish friends... I will have to make some! :D

      And I've got to say too—your work is just fabulous! I love the little details! This is my first time creating with polymer clay beads that are not my own—I'm going to have SO much fun!!!

      Thank you again! :-)

    2. Eeeee! I just got the 'bouquet' from you! Totally made my day. I love yellow roses...yours especially! I can't wait to make something with them!

  2. Your spirals look exactly like the age lines in a cut tree trunk. How cool!

  3. Cool earrings! You are pretty creative for not feeling creative!