Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel

I was totally thrilled to be asked to review Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel's new book: Bohemian Inspired Jewelry. I've been a fan of Lorelei's for some time now—her assymetrical designs—all her jewelry designs actually—really are amazing! Through Lorelei's blogging I discovered Erin and wow!—she does some incredibly neat things with fiber—love them all! Lorelei and Erin have been such an inspiration to me in my own jewelry making.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry is both beautiful and informative. The photos and of course, the jewelry in them are absolutely gorgeous! As you turn the pages, you'll be wanting to reach out and hold the jewelry in your own hands. The instructions cover everything you need to know—from all the basics of using leather, ribbon, and cords, up to more advanced and complex techniques—but they are all so well explained that anyone, even a jewelry maker who's just starting out, could jump right in and be able to follow any one of the examples and get fantastic results.

If you've seen any of my recent jewelry you'll know I love macrame and tassels and have just started adding more fiber and cords to my designs. So, my review really wouldn't be complete without making a design from the book. I couldn't pick just ONE favorite, so I pulled together some elements from a few different ones and here's what I created:

I used hemp cord, lace, czech crystals, my own ridged rounds, antique brass findings, and an assortment of seed beads.

I had SO much fun!
I'll definitely be recommending this book to everyone I know who loves jewelry making!

Go here to join the blog party celebration and meet the authors and contributors. And you'll be able to enter to win jewelry from the book and a free copy of Bohemian Inspired Jewelry!!
Have fun!

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  1. wow! Outstanding piece, love the lace ribbon and I like how you added seed beads and thread them in and out of the lace. SUPER!!
    So glad you were able to join us for the blog event! Enjoy the book!

  2. Beautiful bracelet. I especially love your beads! I made a necklace with the same technique. I love that this book is so universal; the techniques can be interpreted in as many ways as you can imagine!

  3. The contrast of your beads against the ivory of the fabric laced with seed beads is really special. I like how you bunched the lace, too--all the textures and shapes make this really unique.

  4. What an absolutely lovely bracelet! It is so vintage-inspired - you can imagine someone who loves Anne of Green Gables (me!) wearing it. I think they way you have tied and bunched the lace is just so inspired and original! Awesome. You have such talent!

  5. This is really lovely, I like your sense of color. I've been at your etsy shop and just fall in love with your wood animals beads, so nicely done!

  6. I love this piece. I can't wait to get my book.

  7. Your bracelet is beautiful...the beads you created are awesome. I really need to start tying knots again!!!

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