A Sneak Peek…

I expect by now you all are starting to wonder what new things I'm working on… after all I did clear out a bunch of old stuff not too long ago. Well, sometimes new designs take a while to perfect and the current rate at which sleepy critters are flying out of the shop keeps me more than a little busy… but I promise things ARE coming along!

So, for today I wanted to share something new and in progress with you: these are a collaboration with my sister and shop photographer, Bethanne. Lucky me—all my 6 siblings are artistically talented, so if ever I don't have enough ideas to keep me busy (never!), they're always there to supply me with a few extras!

Bethanne loves to paint tiny things—yes I like tiny things too, but her tiny things are even smaller than mine. Check them out:

Yep, ponies (I really have a pony problem!). I shaped the pony beads and let Bethanne work her paint magic on them. Pretty neat, if I do say so myself!

So what do you all think? These are still in the prototype stage, but very soon we expect they'll make their debut in the shop. We'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have!

* * *

And speaking of new beads… you can see a behind-the-scenes of these new beads I created yesterday on the AJE blog.

Have a happy weekend!!

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  1. You are such a lovely artist with head full of great ideas! I just got your little creatures beads, just lovely and made to perfection!Thank you!

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! those are spectacular!

  3. Your ponies are awesome... ain't it great to collaborate with family, Rebekah? I enjoyed reading your post over at AJE, too.

  4. I LOVE them! Especially the pink and gold....just saying ;-)

  5. I love the new ponies, especially the little black one with the polka dots. It reminds me of my mare I had to have put to sleep a couple of years ago. So sweet.

  6. Love those ponies and the black with the white flowers LOV'EM!!!

  7. Loved your post on the spoon designs. The ponies are great especially the one with the tiny spots.

  8. I'm a fan of your work and have had my eye greedily on your pony beads for months and months. Someday I'm going to be buying some... but in the meantime there can't be too many ponies, so keep making them! I love the black and whites. When I first started scrolling down I thought you might have made some zebras, but realize they weren't. Still awfully cute! And I love the pink ones too, they are just adorable. The paint decoration on both is awesome!

  9. I adore your critter beads. I would never have the steady hand (or eyesight) to paint the little ponies. Talented family for sure!
    I really like the finished beads you did for AJE. The paint really brings out the details.