Starting to restock…

I've been working on making beads again and restocking my shop over the past two weeks. It's not a whole lot, but here's what I've finished and listed…

I'm not doing any new bead designs yet—so many of you have been asking about my current beads, so I want to get those in first. I've also decided to do all my listings as ready-to-ship, only listing what I have available, that way you'll get your beads right after you purchase. No more waiting for me to make them! And it allows me to make them in bigger batches, instead of a few of this kind and a few of that kind. I'm also not going to be taking any custom orders for right now since I have so much restocking to do, but I do have plans to make more dogs and cats of different kinds and in custom colors… I've been wanting to be able to do more personalized pets ever since I had my first requests last year.

So… that'll be happening and I will eventually make the new beads I keep mentioning… I'm just not quite sure when they'll actually be ready.

I know I sound so mopey. I'm trying not to. I'm still trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart. Yesterday was 8 weeks since my little Pepper girl passed away and it really hit me hard. I hate the fact that time is taking us further and further apart. I so miss my furry little shadow.

I miss her excitement and the thundering of her little paws when she raced through the foyer after our outings. She loved to run and jump! I miss her stumpy wagging tail. And I so miss her smile. And her snoring. And the soft jab of her nose when she wanted my attention. The touch of her fur. I miss her everything.

I've been puppy searching for the past few weeks, checking the new comers to the shelters and classified ads daily… actually it's been several times a day. But so far none have struck me that they are meant for me. I really want a young puppy, a little girl, and I want a smallish size. I'd love another Rat Terrier if I could find one. But then, I'm not sure I'm actually ready just yet.

Thank you all for being so kind and patient with me and for listening to my ramblings. I'll get back to being me again… I know I will…

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  1. I'm so sorry about your dog! I am a dog lover and losing one is so hard, they are family! What an adorable little girl, she will always be with you!