Rediscovering my love for bead-making…

It'd been so long since I'd made beads simply for the love and enjoyment of bead-making. I think I'd nearly forgotten what it was to create just because I wanted to. For the past few weeks I've been taking time out of my schedule to create for that reason only.

There's a thrill of working with only my imagination to guide me. With no list telling me what I had to complete during a day. No real planning is involved or designs drawn out.

Some things don't turn out like expected… but the joy comes from seeing that what they do become is even better…

Yes, I do really love bead-making!

Some of my latest NEW creations…

Horses, I can never resist them!

Tiny painted details are always my favorite!

Here I used cane scraps to make some fun and colorful beads instead of just mixing them all together to form bead cores. Check out my post at Art Jewelry Elements blog to see a peek at how I made them here.

New ponies. These were made with the left-overs from creating the faceted beads just above.

More scrap turned into something new.

Texture and paint.

And finally one last look at what was once scrap clay.

See them all in my shop in the coming week!

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  1. I am loving the geometric "scrap" beads! WOW! Glad you're having fun creating.

  2. Love them all!!! You always inspire me!

  3. Gorgeous!! I especially like the ones in the second photo with all those darling dots!