More beads from the new colors

I'm still playing with the new colors… and here's what I've finished recently.

I had actually started some new canes, but my clay had other ideas—it was way too soft and didn't cooperate at all. So I chopped up my mushy cane and turned it into some new etched rounds and a few faceted beads—first these with my new taupe…

And then these in orange…

And then with the leftovers I made this…
I experimented with the scraps from color blending for this pendant—it's so exciting to see what can come of the leftovers! In my studio nothing ever goes to waste!

Here's a cane that did work! Okay, I'll admit it… I actually made this one a few years ago… I only had a little piece left and I had been saving it for something special. I sliced it up really thin and tried out a few different ideas before my sister Bethanne suggested this one. She really has an eye for bead designs sometimes!

More faceting, with a couple round beads to match.

And of course a few new sunburst horse beads!

All are in my shop now.

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  1. Your work is so impressive!
    You make Magical Beauty!! ox

  2. You are so darned talented that even your fails look great! LOVE everything!