Snowy Bunnies

New bunnies in white have been softly hopping around the studio! I'm not sure if they're Arctic Hares or Snowshoe Bunnies—I'll leave you to decide…

Whatever they are, I think you'll agree that they're super cute! (If I may say so myself!)

The first seven just made their debut in my shop here

And then they gathered together for one last nap with their Jackalope and Cottontail cousins before they head to new homes…

Little kitty friend had to remind us that he is cute too. Yes, he is!

And as an extra nice surprise I'm doing free shipping in my shop on all orders over $60!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Your beads, your photos and... your cat are beautiful. Have a great weekend. Ana

  2. Comme j'aime ton univers !
    Tes bijoux ont quelque chose de très spécial qui me touche beaucoup,
    et puis les photos sont splendides (j'adore celle avec ton chat).
    Anne (Le bruit des vagues)

  3. I love your tiny creatures,... adorable... ! Infact, I love all of your work...