Playing with new polymer colors

A few weeks back a lovely customer asked if I had some other color options for my Dragon Shield pendants to match one of her own bead mixes and I happily agreed to let her pick through the possibilities as I was already mixing new colors.

But… since I was going to be highlighting the polymer with acrylics, I couldn't simply show the raw colors. So each color had to be first baked and painted—and how was I going to do that quickly and without just baking boring blobs of polymer?

Make some brand new focals, of course!

With the gorgeous fall weather quickly approaching, horses have been on my mind even more so than usual. Last week I dug out my riding tack, gave it a very much needed cleaning and oiling, and hopped up on horseback—okay, "hopped" is the wrong word—I'm not at all in riding shape at the moment! I went out for a short ride on both my noble steeds and it was so nice to be riding again… although, I am still a little sore today!

So, of course I wanted to make something with horses. I pulled out my favorite horse stamp that I made a few years ago, a fancy button, some richly detailed silverware handles, and my daisy mold…

Then I just played with different arrangements of the patterns… and enjoyed it immensely!

And now they're in my shop!
Well, the ones that haven't already been snatched up, that is! :-)

And this little one here… 


After photographing, editing photos, and setting up the listing for it in my shop, I gave into the fact that I really wanted to keep it for myself and have put it on my jewelry making table for a new necklace. A bead-maker needs a few beads for herself once in a while, right?

See what's left in my shop here.

More designs coming soon!

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  1. Very nice assortment, Rebekah :) I never tire of that moment when the antiquing goes on and WOW the details just jump out. Never gets old, does it?

  2. What beautiful colors! Just love the new designs.