Gypsy Wildflowers by Bethanne

Today I'm giving you a little peek into my sister Bethanne's corner of Tree Wings Studio…

It's no secret that we're loving leather these days! While I'm busily making new feathery wings and painted butterfly wings, Bethanne has been meticulously inking pretty, vining, boheminan inspired flowers. I love seeing the different styles that emerge from us both working in the same material!

A graceful ballerina and vintage china… a couple of her favorite things that accompany her as she works…

Each focal is a freeform shape—these were originally the trimmings from leather feather making—we keep every little scrap! Keeping with that freeform theme, Bethanne creates a new flower design in India ink for each one, letting it take a shape all its own to best complement the freeform focal, without any thought of copying a previous design or layout… it makes them all the more special, I think…

Like wildflowers trimmed from a country meadow—so very similar, but still individual.

So far Bethanne's made these Gypsy Wildflower focals in dark sepia and rich sanguine red—which is your favorite?

I'm really loving the sanguine. I even have a few jewelry projects coming along using them… they're such fun to work with!

Pick a few Gypsy Wildflowers for yourself in my little bead shop here!

Happy Monday everyone!

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