Finishing The Dragon Slayer - Part 2

In part 1 of this project, I decorated the front of this jar with a knight and dragon shield - now it's time to finish the back - the dragon's lair.

I start with making another doorway. I want the back of this bottle to be a view of inside the dragon's lair, so I add two windows, matching them up with the front ones.

My inspiration - a conversation with Smaug from the Hobbit.

Building a wall and adding smoke to the lair.

Here I'm adding the dragon's treasure - coins and rings of gold collected from a hundred years of plundering.

Now, to shape the dragon's head - horns and a scaly neck - he's ready to do battle with any one who dares to enter his lair!

I shape his wings using the same technique used for the dragon on the front. And then add his tail going out through the door - don't ask me how he gets his body through - he's grown very large lying for many years wrapped around his treasure dreaming of glittering gold.

Here's the final detail - oops I missed some photos of the neck and the entire back… Don't worry it's all baked now and the wash added - I'll be sure to get more photos shortly…

The Dragon Slayer Flask at the Lazy Daze Festival - read more about it here.
And now you can find it featured in my Etsy Shop.

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