Toucans in the Tree - Part 3

A few days ago I finished the toucans for my leafy tree vase and thought you all would like to see how they went together.

I start with a rolled blend of yellow, pearl and orange. It's cut into two pieces - the top portion larger than the lower - these pieces will form the upper and lower parts of the bill.

Next I cut off the tip of the large piece (the upper part of the bill) and add a bit of contour using a crochet needle - a perfect fit for the black spot.

And here's the bill all put together.

The steps to making a toucan - I start with a body shaped black piece of clay, a bill and a white ball. After flattening the white ball a bit, I press it into place on it's throat. Before placing the bill I add a small amount of black clay to the front.

A small spot of orange is added to the face. I make a small dent in the orange forming a "socket" and gently press the eye in place. Using an upholstery needle to add "feathers" to her wings. A little dark grey foot and she's all ready for the tree.

In these next photos all the toucans are perched in their tree - at home amid lush leaves and vivid blooms.

Next I think I'll add a thin wash of burnt umber to highlight the details…

Now for some real toucans - I got these from

Aren't they beautiful?

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  1. This has been a very interesting project to follow. Thank your so much for sharing your talents with all of us. xxx