One Week From Today...

Come visit me at the Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival next Saturday, August 28th! Look for booth number B207 under the big Tree Wings Studio banner.

And here's another peek at what you'll find when you stop by:

And there will be lots more to see on Saturday! See you then!!

Read more about the festival on the Town of Cary site here.

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  1. Wishing you much success at your show! Your beads are so beautiful. I especially love the orange and red necklace and earrings!

  2. Thank you Sharon!! I have had so much fun making all the jewelry for Lazy many new designs that have been waiting to be created finally got finished. I have lots more photos to post - just haven't found the time yet.

    ...The orange and red set is actually a bracelet and earring set not a necklace - I guess that's what happens when I don't write any descriptions! Another thing I don't have much time for...where has all the time gone? :-)