Another Lazy Daze Gone By!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back at blogging after a very successful Lazy Daze festival! Here are the events that led up to the show:

Of course there were lots of new jewelry designs! I'll be posting photos of all that shortly. There are so many I can't possibly get them all in this'd be sitting here a very long time waiting for them to load! ;-)

Sign making: Even my sign was handcrafted. Below my "printer" is hard at work. She was very glad that I had Overnight Prints do my business cards! ;-)

Here's the practice setup. We set up everything but the jewelry to make sure it would all go together quickly Saturday morning, then snapped a few photos so our exhausted minds wouldn't have to try to remember it all!

Wrought iron stenciling on the the tablecloths:

I love this kind of work. But getting my hands clean afterward was quite a job!

Here it is! The morning of Lazy Daze! The night before we had set up the tent, the lights, and arranged the tables. This year my booth location was across from the 4 Seasons Stage. My helpers, customers, and I had the pleasure of listening to great music all day. Here I'm putting tacks in the jewelry boards while listening to music by John Williams - what a great way to start the day! No, John Williams wasn't at Lazy Daze! They just played his music while setting up and testing equipment.

And now for the grand tour! It's after 9:00, the lights and fans are on, and the festival is just beginning! Check out Sarah's super sign! As much jewelry as could be squeezed in has been set out. Come on in and see!

At 5:00pm it was all over. Lots of jewelry had gone to new homes, business cards had disappeared as fast as we put them out...and all day there wasn't a single rain cloud in sight!

A very special thanks to everyone (especially my fabulous Aunt Lindsey!) who helped out all the days that led up to and the day of Lazy Daze! You all made this the most perfect Lazy Daze yet!

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