Painted Hearts

These hearts were my attempt at something new for Valentine's Day. Yes, they're hearts, but I think I veered off target just a little too far. Like my little woodland critter beads, each of these hearts was sculpted in a solid color clay and painted. I really can't get enough of paint these days!!

Each one measures about 24mm by 27mm.

"A beautiful heart"

"A joyful heart"

"Remember the promise"

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  1. I love the rustic look & tones these have especially on the top one & the flower one. Awesome.

  2. Thanks! :-) Glad you all like them! I have some new hearts and a few other painted designs in progress now...

  3. Your blog is wonderful!!!
    I can follow you?

  4. Welcome Clody!! So glad to have you following my work! :-)

  5. I think my favorite is the one with the Rainbow but they are all great!!!

  6. I think the rainbow heart is my favorite too... the little flower one is close second. I just finished wrapping beads and linking chain for these hearts this evening. As soon as there are fewer clouds and more sunshine here I'll have three finished heart necklaces to show you all! :-)