Progress on the Painted Hearts

The sun peeked out today! After what seemed like forever, a forever with an unending ocean of grey clouds and snow, there was real sunshine today. Bright, warm, glowing light... it was just lovely! And now (thanks to that lovely sunshine) I have a few new photos to share with you. Just yesterday I finished wrapping beads and linking chain for my painted heart pendants. Enjoy!

More photos coming soon!

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  1. They are amazing! I really love them. The muted colors inspire calmness and peace.

  2. Thank you Norma! Muted colors really are my favorite. They are so easy to work with, and I think you're right, they do seem so calm and peaceful.

    ...More hearts are in the works! :-)

  3. I agree the softer tones realybring out the hearts.

  4. Another muted color fan here =) I especially love the heart in the first pic, I think the simplicity of it is just wonderful, love it!