Bead Table Wednesday - Craft Show Prep

Yep, you saw it - or in this case you didn't see it - I missed BTW last week. And I was doing so well keeping up with it, but I guess we all miss a beat occasionally. I had photos all ready and then time just got away from me. I thought about doing a Bead Table Thursday and when that didn't work a Bead Table Friday... Saturday... and so on...

Today the same stuff is on my table (not nicely arranged anymore). It's the last week before Peak Fest and I'm squeezing in a few more pieces. Every time I do a show I always plan to take the final two weeks off and relax.... it never happens.

New earrings for Peak Fest

I love making earrings! I have several new bracelets in the works too, but they'll have to come in another post when there's daylight again.

So how do you deal with the craziness of craft show prep? Do you work madly until the very last minute or are you the sane one with time to kill and you get a full night of sleep with your inventory and displays already packed in the car? I'm trying for sanity. I'll let you know if I ever get there. :-)

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!

Bead Table Wednesday
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  1. oh yes, I'm usually a wreck, working frantically the night before and exhausted the day after!

  2. I love them...over all!!! you're great ;)

  3. I work until the last minute for sure!!! There is always one more thing to make, and then the packing and then packing again because I forgot stuff...ect. *sigh*

  4. Love your earrings! Good luck with your show! Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my 'blue' bracelet for the 7000 Bracelets of Hope project. I just love your 'blue' bracelet. It depicts Springtime to me beautifully! Light, airy, and butterflies are one of my favorite little insects! They represent 'Hope' so well! Love how you attached them, too. That may be common, but it's a new technique to me. I learn so many new things visiting creative blogs. Have a great day!