Bead Table Wednesday

Here it is: my bead table in all its glory!

I lost count, but I'm sure there are more than a dozen projects going on all at once here! Now I'm having a hard time telling what's finished and what's not. In a few hours I'll have it cleared off and organized... maybe... maybe not. So, what's this about? I, along with all my beads (when they're put together) are going to North Carolina for the Peak Fest arts and crafts show on Saturday, May 7th!

Yay! I love doing craft shows! :-)

You can go here to read more about it.

In addition to Peak Fest preparation, I have a few other things going on.

This one is a secret! But I can tell you it's blue and it will be a bracelet. It's part of the 7000 Bracelets for Hope blog hop hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. One-hundred-twelve bloggers/jewelry designers are making blue bracelets for the Global Genes Project. Stop by my blog this Saturday for the unveiling of my bracelet and for a list of everyone else participating in this great cause.

You can go to Lori Anderson's blog here to read more about the hop. It's too late to join the hop, but you can still donate a blue bracelet by going to the Global Genes Project.

Speaking of blue...

My blue owl beads are finished. And gone - flying to their new homes to become a part of new jewelry creations. Don't worry! All of you who are waiting for owls, they are coming just as fast as my fingers can make them! Right now there are 2 dozen fresh baked owls (fresh baked... hmmm... that didn't sound very nice, did it?) cooling, waiting for their color. And there will be more blue ones!

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!
See you Saturday for the unveiling of the blue bracelets!

Bead Table Wednesday
Be sure to visit the Flickr group to see what everyone else is mixing up today!

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  1. What a happy looking bead table, and equally happy freshly baked owls! mmmmmm freshly baked sounds good to me!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Bilbo and I do have something in common...we are both very fond of tea and many, many cakes!

  2. My table always has various projects on it!