Bead Table Thursday

I finally did it! I missed BTW and am posting on Thursday... I make that sound like it's a good thing. I do have a good excuse... really. Rain. It was raining all of yesterday. And not only did that ruin the lighting for photography, it also slowed down my project.

My plan had been to go walking with Pepper for an hour or so to gather leaves and flowers for making texture beads. Instead, I was indoors waiting for a lull in the rain. At each lull I'd run out in the front yard, grab some leaves, and run back in before getting soaked. And no, Pepper did NOT come with me - she is one unhappy little dog if even ONE drop of rain hits her!


So, by the time I had gathered leaves (not the assortment I had wanted) it was nearly dark and I didn't have anything ready to show yet.

* * *

Today I did finish a few things:

Round links and a pendant in pewter polymer clay, textured with leaves from Queen Anne's lace, yarrow, and Venus' looking glass.
And three heart pendants.

And then, since I already had pewter out, I made a new little tiny dragon. This one has a purple micro-faceted agate.

I think I'll hang the dragon on a silver or gunmetal chain. I have a design in mind for the textured rounds using a few other polymer beads from my stash and some red rondelles. And the hearts I've listed in my shop. Later I'll be making more bees - the first ones are buzzing off to their new home already. And after that I'm on to new woodland critters.

Happy Bead Table Wednesday... uh... I mean, Thursday!

Bead Table Wednesday
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  1. Love the pendants with the flower textures and the dragon is awesome!

  2. Oh my Gosh the dragon is so beautiful you are such an artist, i envy, (in a good way lol), any one who can make beautiful things with polymer clay, any attempt i've made come out looking dreadful ha ha.

  3. Thank you Lynsey! Polymer clay doesn't always start out beautiful. I've made some very dreadful things, including more than a few dragons. Keep working at it - it can only get better!

    Wishing you the very best with all your creations! :-)

    P.S. Your beadwork is amazing... now I'm the envious one!