Time to Start Painting!

Did I mention I love painting? Seventy little critters total. Hmm... that's a lot...

Let the painting begin!!

* * *

Here's a little pendant I made earlier while waiting for the last batch of critters to come out of the oven. I picked a wild daisy, mixed together the two parts of a molding compound, carefully pressed the daisy into the compound, waited about 5 minutes, removed the daisy, pressed some clay into the new mold.... and voila! a pendant with a perfect little daisy. Fun! Of course I had to bake it and give it a patina too, which explains the black paint on my hands. And now it's listed in my shop.

Come on back in a few days to meet the new painted critters. See you then!

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  1. Those critters look like a pile of naked newborns! What detail you have in the daisy. The center is fascinating!

  2. Haha Doreen! You are too funny! I'd better watch out or I might get Blogger coming after me about my photos. ;-)

    I was surprised at how well the molding compound picked the detail of the daisy. Next I'm working on some molds with chamomile and as soon as the Queen Anne's lace starts blooming I'll be using that too. I love anything with texture!!

  3. Can't wait to see the critters painted. Love that daisy, the detail is fantastic!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow the daisy came out really detailed and pretty! And those little critters are soo cute...have fun painting! (My favorite part too!!!)


  5. Oh please let some of these critters come to live in my home! You have to email me when they are ready!!!!!

  6. They look darling, can't wait to see them finished.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm having a blast!! The last ones are getting their finish now and I should have some photos of painted critters to show you sometime tomorrow. :-)

  8. fabulous shop & I love your site here!!! You are so creative ♥