Bead Table Wednesday ~ 2/15/12

My goodies for Bead Table Wednesday today came all the way from Sweden. New art beads!! They're lovingly made by ceramic artist Birgitta Lejonklou. I saw Birgitta's beautiful wing pendants for the first time on Etsy a while back and made up my mind then that I would be ordering from her some time soon. But then Art Bead Scene posted the new challenge for February and I knew I wanted one of Birgitta's wings for my entry. She was so nice to make them the exact shade of blue I needed and she did it so quickly too!

The Conference of the Birds by Habiballah
Page from a manuscript of the Mantiq al-Tayr (The Language of the Birds) of Farid al-Din `Attar
 ca. 1600; Safavid Iran (Isfahan)

I waited so patiently (not!) for them to arrive and when they finally did this afternoon, here's what I found... not just the two wings I had picked, but also two pretty connectors!

What a surprise!

Thank you so much Birgitta! They are each so beautiful!

And now it's time for me to get to work on my entry! Be sure to check out Birgitta's shop on Etsy. I'm sure you'll find something you can't pass up!

Bead Table Wednesday
Happy Bead Table Wednesday!!

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  1. Thank You Rebekah for making such a lovely post about those focals !! I am glad You do like them and excited to see what You will create :)
    Also cant wait to find Your pretty horses in my mailbox :) !!

  2. They are all stunning! I especially love the lavender blue ones that are for the ABS challenge, really gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  3. I have many of Birgittas ceramic focals and treasure them all! They are like gold coins! I would never think of selling any thing with her focals bc I covet them lol. Shes made you a set of wonderful focals I love them all!

  4. What a perfect way to put it Janet! They are just like gold coins! And I won't be giving up mine either... maybe that's selfish... but I like them too much!

    Haha! We sound like dragons guarding our treasure hoards!! :-)