Bead Table Wednesday ~ 3/21/12

It's painting day again! Actually, in my studio it's painting day almost every day! But today, instead of sleepy critters, I'm painting rainbow hearts and roses.

The colors are bright and splotchy right now. I call this the "ugly stage"!

Tomorrow they will look like this:
Ah! Much better! And after a photo shoot they will head to my shop...

Here are a few other things that are on my table today...
Beautiful ceramic beads from Gaea Cannaday. I won them in the Feb ABS Challenge. I don't have many art beads in my stash (that is something I plan on changing this year!) so I can't wait to play with these!

This lovely bracelet is from the uber talented Tania Spivey. She made it with the leftovers from her Bead Soup and then held a giveaway. I still can't believe I won!! It's an amazing thing to hold another artist's jewelry in my hands and to see all the love and attention to detail put into it. And what makes this bracelet even more special to me is the polymer focal Tania made. I love the cute little flowers she makes! And the little copper flower charm is so sweet too... one of her very first I think. Yep, I totally love this bracelet!

And lastly, but certainly not least, I have this necklace to show you...
My very first Lorelei Eurto necklace! If you don't know who Lorelei is, then you must go here to see the lovelies she makes. She's got asymmetry down to a science! This necklace is also a Bead Soup creation. And from the moment I first saw it I just had to have it. It's totally me, and brings to mind my very favorite time of year when the leaves glow bright and there's no sound but the soft patter as they lightly touch the ground. Lorelei was so sweet to swap it for some of my beads. (She makes awesome things with my beads!) She says she's not sure why she stamped the word "quiet" into the center of the wire wheel... I don't think any other word would have suited it... I love it!

...and that's all for now! Thank you Gaea, Tania, and Lorelei for my new treasures!

Bead Table Wednesday
And thanks to you all for stopping by on this Happy Bead Table Wednesday!

Come back tomorrow for the announcement of the giveaway winners! :-)

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  1. You lucky girl you won some beautiful creations...what treasures!! Love your rainbow hearts!

  2. Rebekah,
    Loved viewing all of the pretties you have posted. I love the bracelet that Tania did it is beautiful. Congratulations on all of your new pretties.

  3. Beautiful winnings! I love the way you are doing the rainbow heart beads.