Wired Triangles ~ 52 Earrings: week 10

It's funny sometimes how ideas can seem so easy until the real work begins! These earrings are fairly simple, but judging by the bits of wire and various beads strewn all over my table... not to mention all the time spent getting the wire wrapping just so... whew! these earrings were quite a work out! They had started out in silver wire, with very different beads, but these colors seemed so perfect together, so I stuck with them. I can't wait to wear them out! They're made up of blue czech glass, antique brass spacers and bead caps, honey extruded polymer rounds, and bronze wire. I think maybe I really have a thing about wire wrapping... can you tell? ;-)

Check out the Flickr pool here to see what everyone else mixed up for week ten.

See you next week with another pair!

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  1. Oh my I am addicted to wire wrapping!!! Something about the repetative motion just makes me keep going lol. These are beauties!

  2. I love the wire wrapping! Beautiful.

  3. You are a wire wrapping guru! I never got the hang of it, so I appreciate the workwomanship all the much more.Super cool design, and I love how you used copper instead of silver. Copper is my new love:)) Looks like a tiny swing and reminds me of long summer afternoons....

  4. These are wonderful! I'm only a middling wire wrapper, but now I think I need to practice more! LOL! Lovely work! <3