And Summer Turned to Autumn ~ 52 Earrings: week 16

I know, I know! You're going to tell me I've got the seasons all mixed up—it's still only Spring! And it is. But I've been thinking of Autumn, which is, after all, my very favorite season. Every Spring when the oak leaves start to open I'm reminded of Autumn—each little leaf is so tiny and velvety and tipped in red... each a perfect replica of what they grow into later in the year. And so, today I couldn't help but make earrings inspired by my favorite time of year—even if it is still months away.

I used two of my polymer leaf charms and combined them with light tortoiseshell czech glass, caramel czech saucers, green seed beads, brass bead caps and wrapped them all together with antique brass wire.

A few photos of the miniature Autumn leaves for you to enjoy...
They are each only about 1/2 an inch long!

Check out the Flickr pool here to see what everyone else mixed up for week sixteen.

See you next week with another pair!

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  1. It is pretty when the new leaves come through all reddish, isn't it? It happpens for quite a lot of different types of plants. I was told that it's the plant's way of protecting them - the green colour in leaves (chlorophyll) apparently makes them taste yummy to animals, so the very new leaves come through reddish at first in an effort to avoid them being eaten.

    Anyway your earrings are very nice. I do like the way you photograph them hanging from a twig. And I guess they are pretty unlikely to be munched by any passing herbivores, too!