Racing in Turquoise and Coral ~ 52 Earrings: week 14

 When it comes to horse jewelry, I love turquoise and coral... I don't know why, but they both just seem to be meant to go with horses. So, for these earrings I started by making some new turquoise/coral inlay horse beads (I'm going to list some more in my shop next week! :-). And then I combined them with the coral beads from Pam Hurst and the Bead Soup Party, antique brass, black onyx rounds, and black seed beads. Yep... I'm really going to have fun wearing them!!

And here's one more photo of my horses for you horse lovers out there:
A big thanks to my sister, Bethanne for taking this GORGEOUS photo of Strider and Lady on a very snowy day!

 Check out the Flickr pool here to see what everyone else mixed up for week fourteen.

See you next week with another pair!
Happy Easter!!

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  1. Gorgeous colors and design! I love your inspiration!

  2. Beautiful earrings and beautiful horses.
    Happy Easter

  3. They are wonderful, I'll bet they have a perfect swing

  4. You're so good about keeping up with the earring challenge, Rebekah! I'm way behind. I rely on your blog posts to keep the whole thing from slipping my mind completely. Love the inlay on your horse beads. I keep meaning to try doing that.