Making New Hearts

Happy Labor Day! First off, I want to say thanks to all of you who left comments and suggestions on my puppy dog post… I've had some internet connectivity issues so wasn't able to respond to them each personally… but, that doesn't mean I didn't read and appreciate them. I did. And the creative juices are flowing. :-) Thank you!

Today I have these new heart focal beads to show you:

I love rainbows, don't you? I few weeks back I saw a beautiful double rainbow—right after a particularly violent thunderstorm when the sky was still very dark with grey clouds and everything around was shimmering with raindrops—it was glorious!

I've redesigned the shape and made them about twice the size as my usual rainbow hearts. And my favorite new touch is the twisted or "twister" point. You can probably guess my inspiration behind that idea.

Sometimes I make a mold for beads so I can make the same one over and over again—I make basic rough molds (no fur, tail, eye detail) for my sleepy critters to keep size and shape consistent—but for these two hearts I simply shaped them freehand. I rolled each cloud individually and then I "drew" on the rainbow, rain, and sun details with a blunt ended needle.

And, then I painted them—my very favorite part—always!

I hope you like them! They're now in my shop here.

Now I'm off to redecorate my studio (i.e. rearrange tables, put away messy stuff, and dust). And then spend time with family and kitty.

Bead making starts again tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful beads! I love the colors and those rolled clouds!!