AJE September Component of the Month Reveal ~ A Wild Horse in Grey

This month we got our gorgeous challenge component from the talented Lesley Watt of Thea Jewellery and Thea Elements. These are her Bursting Seed Pod caps. She made them each in bronze clay with beautiful textured motifs and patinas in rich autumn tones. Mine is the ochre one -- I love the color and pattern!

I knew even before my cap arrived that I would do a tassel design. I went back and forth a little on a theme and style, but all along I knew I wanted it to be a necklace.  Then I remembered that I have a pretty turquoise bracelet and two favorite turquoise rings and I had really wanted a necklace with turquoise to wear with them... so that was my starting point -- a necklace with turquoise and a tassel. My bracelet is in silver, one ring is copper, and the other ring is silver, copper, and bronze. I don't really wear a lot of silver jewelry -- I prefer bronze, brass, and antiqued gold -- warmer toned metals, so I really wanted this necklace to pull everything together without straying from my style. I did some sketching and a LOT of thinking. I finally started putting it together on Saturday.

Yeah, that's Saturday the 28th. When it comes to jewelry making, I have my design process down to a science... most people would call it procrastination and maybe it is, but I like to think every little detail through before creation begins. If I can see it in my mind, I can make it.

Here it is...

I call it "A Wild Horse in Grey" The horse lover in me said tassels and turquoise must have a horse too. I love how the necklace has a southwestern feel to it without screaming cowboy -- it has just the right amount of rustic to it, but also a feminine flair. Lesley's ochre cap is such a nice finishing touch to the tassel and I think the soft silvery golden color helped tie the bronze together with the scattered silver beads.

The wild horse focal is one of my own hand painted polymer focals. I chose it for it's smokey grey color to further help tie the silver beads into the necklace. I also chose it because I love grey horses. Before getting my own two current horses, I had this crazy idea that I would get a wild mustang and tame her... she of course, would be a grey one. I now laugh at the idea -- I hadn't even learned how to ride at that point, but my heart has never let go of that dream and I know one day I'll have my grey wild horse...

Those little itty, bitty, turquoise beads? Yep, I made them too! I didn't have any small turquoise beads in my stash and when you live an hour away from the nearest bead store and don't know if they'll have what you want when you finally arrive, you think up other ways to get what you need. I already make my own turquoise polymer mix for my pony beads, so making these beads was of course the solution!

I hung the tassel on linked Czech glass (I like how the texture echos the sunburst pattern on the horse focal), fluted silver beads, and turquoise rounds. And finally to finish up, I strung a mixture of chips in black agate, labradorite, and tiger's eye around the back.

Here are the bracelet and rings that inspired me to go with turquoise.

And all together -- it's such a fun set and so very me!

Of course, I couldn't end this post about my new horse necklace without sharing a few photos of my two favorite horses...
Sweet noble Strider. He's the horse that taught me to ride -- oh-so gentle and at times oh-so stubborn.

Lovely Lady... the trouble causer -- she's always wanting the grass on the other side of the fence. And sometimes she finds a way out to get it!

And one last photo of Strider -- I love this one of him!

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Be sure to check out the links below to see what everyone else created!

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  1. Lovely necklace - it makes a beautiful set with the rings and bracelet. I love the mix of beads and textures you have used and the combination of turquoise and ochre works really well.

  2. Wow - that's a stunning design Rebekah...I'm a big fan of southwestern palettes and this is a lovely soft interpretation and the rustic textures are great. I'm betting this has lovely movement to it too. Thank you for taking part in the challenge and using my pod to such great effect...OH and you horses are beauties too :0)

  3. You truly created a stunning design with this necklace Rebekah! I adore the tassel, and then I squealed when you said you made those wonderful, tiny turquoise beads. Your horse bead is just beautiful...can you tell how much I love this necklace? What a great way to show of Lesley's bead!!

  4. Hi Rebekah, your necklace is amazing and beautiful I love all the different elements you used to bring it all together. The Czech glass ovals also compliment the bead cap Lesley made, which is very pretty, I adore her bronze components.

  5. Oh Rebekah, that is fabulous!! I love that amazing tassel and the southwestern color palette. Absolutely love it!! The horse photos make me smile, I grew up with horses but haven't had any for many years, I do miss them! That last photo with the steam rising up is so cool!!

  6. That is an amazing necklace! Wow! I love how you've tied everything together to fit with the jewelry you already own and love.

  7. That's a real show stopper! I love that you made the little turquoise beads to match, they look perfect!

    Your horses are beautiful too!

  8. Really great piece - the colors are wonderful and that tassel is an unexpected and terrific touch. And I love your sweet inspirations - I want to kiss their noses and give them an apple!

  9. Nice!!! The color in the starburst Czech with the pod color; the movement in the tassel, the tiny beads... all key elements! Really like it - and the horses are so sweet!

  10. I love this necklace! The tassel is such a great idea to use the pod, and I love it that you made all those little turquoise beads on the end!

  11. You really knocked this out of the park, Miss Rebekah! I love the rustic, the feminine. I can feel the wide open spaces in this necklace. The horses running free. I love the shots of the horses. They are magnificent. Give them a nose nuzzle for me! Enjoy the day. Erin

  12. The direction you took with this was so cool. I don't know what I was imagining at your mention of a tassel, but the fullness of yours is really great. It fits in that bit pod perfectly!