AJE December 2013 Component of the Month Reveal ~ A Spot of Flight

It's finally reveal time! This past December it was my turn to host the Component of the Month Giveaway on AJE blog and I'm bursting with excitement to see what everyone has made with my rustic speckle beads.

For my own design, I chose one of the rusty teal beads. I had so many ideas and as usual, I was working up until the very last moment. So many times I changed my mind, but all along I knew I wanted to incorporate a feather into the design. And so I did.

Come see what I made…

Surprisingly, after going through so many ideas, my finished design is actually fairly simple. I went for a rustic and somewhat plain feel. I wanted something that could be easily be worn with jeans or a skirt. The feather has a southwestern and Native American look to it—I love that. I titled it "A Spot of Flight"—not only because of the spots of the bead and feather, but also because each single feather plays its part to create flight.

To make the feather, I cut a piece of suede into the shape of a feather with a hole to fit my bead and used my wood burning tool to "draw" on the details. I love the texture the burning creates.

I cut tiny notches going all the way around the feather.

And, on the back I added two pieces of suede to hold the bead in place.

For the necklace cords, I used strands of matching suede, strips of coordinating fabric, and hemp. On one of the hemp strands I decided to sew tiny seed beads in matte grey and deep peacock blue going all the way along its length… I don't know why—maybe I was bored (or simply crazy!), but I think it added a nice little dash of sparkle.

And there you have it! Now I might just have to make some earrings to match… :-)

Time to hop! Follow the links below to see what everyone else dreamed up.

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  1. Wow Rebekah - that is just stunning and all the more beautiful for it's simplicity! I love how you decorated the suede and the way you've attached your bead is inspired. The whole thing is brought together perfectly by the mixed strands - I love it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your beads it was an absolute pleasure.

  2. Wow indeed, Rebekah, that's a really unique and gorgeous way to showcase your beautiful bead. Love the tribal feel of it! Thanks for providing us with such a lovely and versatile component to work with!

  3. Oh my gosh Rebekah! It may be simple but it's so intricate! How stunning is that, and sewing the seed beads along the length of the cord give just the right amount of "flash". The feather you've created is just amazing.

  4. WOW again!! This is so beautiful and simple!
    I loved working with one of your beads!

  5. So unexpected, this necklace is fantastic!!

  6. GIRL!!!!!!!!! You rocked this!!!!

  7. Your design is stunning Rebekah, I love everything about it!

    Thank you for the opportunity to use your beautiful focal, it's been great fun!

  8. Oh my goodness - I absolutely love this. The feather and textural cord design are PERFECT with your bead. Stunning!

  9. WOW! Not only a huge amount of work, but absolutely perfect! Very interesting ideas I would never have thought of!

  10. Rebekah - first thanks for lovely beads! Second - wow. Thats an ingenious attachment of bead to leather, AND it looks pretty. The necklace overall is cool. Subtle, earthy, and very interesting visually.

  11. Wow, so innovative and beautiful. I love this from the tip of the feather to the end of the mixed strands. Thanks so much for the beautiful bead and the opportunity to play along this time. I had a great time!

  12. Oh holy cow! This is AH-MAY-ZING! I'm totally in love with this. Thanks for sharing how you attached it on the back (I was wondering). You've got such a vision for beauty and your talent for executing it is exceptional.

  13. The beads were super cool but what you did up there...AMAZING! That was so outside of the box and awesome!

  14. Such an original design! Your leather feather is lovely (and reversible! I like the back as much as the front), and really frames Rebekah's bead perfectly. Your potpourri of cording is divine--and the little beads dotting it are perfection! This is a total jeans-boots-white shirt kind of outfit--my favorite! I love texture and this is so wonderfully texture-y.

  15. Oh wow, I just love this. Its so innovative and lovely! Great job!