Snow Day!

Yesterday I was enjoying this lovely view outside my studio window…

Yep, it is deep. Last I measured it was 16 inches and at the time it was still snowing hard.

It's a magical place when the familiar world is blanketed in white, isn't it?

Faded summer flowers all dressed up in white.

All the fence posts are decked out in snow hats.

Today the sun is out for the first time in a few days and already the pretty white is slowly starting to melt away. Just in time for more snow tomorrow.
And this morning my noble steeds got their favorite heated breakfast again… makes me feel better to give them warm food in cold weather. :-)

Back to the studio… it's bead making time!

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  1. Snow is so beautiful as long as I don't have to leave to house;.

  2. Everything in my yard has a 'hat' as well! It would be pretty if I didn't have to think about shoveling :) But what a view you've got there!

  3. Wow! It is beautiful but I'd imagine you may be ready for spring too :-) your horsies are so beautiful - noble is the right word.