Having fun with leather

Remember this necklace?
I've had leather on the brain for quite sometime now and on Wednesday I spent the whole day turning those ideas into something real.

I started with a few shapes…

Cut out the suede…

And, ta-da! Feathers!
Okay, yeah, it was a bit more complicated than that and involved some detailed "drawing" with my wood burning kit—but lots of fun. I'm putting these first ones in the shop today and more will follow soon.

There are SO many things that could be done with them—they could be bead frames like I did for my necklace, beads could be stitched on, holes added for dangles and such, color added—too many ideas! What do you think? What would you do with them?

Already I have some jewelry designs I'm dreaming up. I don't usually have much time for jewelry making, but that's really something I'm working at this year. 

And, it helps when you happen upon some fun new beads…
I got these beaded lovelies from the talented Kristen Stevens. Aren't they gorgeous? You know how much I love tiny detail, so of course, I'm going to have a blast playing with them—and with leather feathers! fun!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I am so happy you like them and are so inspired!! We WILL do this again.

  2. Your leather components are fabulous! I would not have the patience for all of that burning in. Very unique!

  3. for fun! you are one creative gal! you used a wood burning tool .. that is slick. I'm sharing this with my 16 yr old son .. he's always looking for something new to do ~ he'll love it!

    many thanks for visiting my little blog.. you are so sweet.. sometime I wonder if I'm just rambling to myself .. but that's ok .. it's therapeutic! ha ha ......... have a wonderful day!

  4. What a wonderful idea! Love the feathers!!

  5. Oh my! Those are perfectly awesome. I'm so pleased you played with this idea some more. I can see using several of them to make a collar or statement necklace. Of course they are perfect on their own as well.