Even Smaller!

You know already that I always enjoy the challenge of making my bead designs as small as possible, so when a lovely customer asked if I could make my speckle beads any smaller, it was an instant yes!

These new speckles were so much fun to make! Perfect for earrings or for wherever a smallish bead is needed—they're each about 16-18mm across down from the 22-25mm of my larger speckle beads.

But… silly me—if you look closely you'll see that the cloudy mauve beads have reversed colors in the speckles—normally I go dark blue with the light blue on top. Actually though, I think it's a neat complement to the larger size having the colors a bit different.

What do you think? Do you like the smaller size? Should I make more?

Find them in my shop here. :-)

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  1. These are the cutest beads! They are even cuter smaller. Are they rolled on some cool texture to get that nice edge? Or were they some sort of serendipity moment when everything clicked

    1. Thank you! No, for my speckle beads, I don't use any molds or texture sheets—just my fingers and a needle for piercing—it's my favorite way to make beads really! Serendipity is the perfect way to put it. :-)

  2. They are even better smaller! Adorable! Whichever way you dot-those-dots is fabulous!

  3. Gorgeousness as always!!!!!!