New in the Shop ~ fabric covered bead cords… hand crafted by my mom!

You've seen a little of these fun cords popping up in some my latest designs… here and here. And also in Shirley Moore's bead soup here. Check out this fabulous bracelet she made with her cord here.

And now, I'm so excited to finally offer these soft and rustically elegant cords in my shop! These lovelies are not my own work—each one has been meticulously crafted by my mom, Gail. She works with fabrics old and new—vintage calicos, fabric shop remnants, and salvaged thrift shop finds. The fabrics are cut, gently frayed and tattered, and then each bead is hand stitched in place… all to bring an extra special touch of fiber and texture to your new creations!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun these are to work with! The softness of texture and gorgeous color palettes are such a stunning complement to my work. I have a spare table spread out with a bunch of various art beads and glass goodies waiting to become new jewelry showcasing these cords.

Here's a peek at the first cords she's offering for sale…

"Cottage Garden"

"Misty Mauve"

She makes them in two different lengths… some with 6 inches of beads, plus 2 inches in the fabric tabs at either end…

… and then also with 2 inch beaded sections. These shorter ones are perfect for bracelets!

"Mossy Bank"


She has a few other cords in progress—we'll be adding them to the shop in the next few weeks. And, there's still lots more fabric to choose from (some are very limited vintage prints) and other new designs that she's just starting to work with now. Yes, we're pretty sure my mom's cords are going to be a new staple in the Tree Wings Studio shop!

We both can't wait to see what new creations you design with them!
See these first cords in my shop here.

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  1. Oh Yay! Since the first time I saw you use this gorgeous fabric covered bead cord, I have coveted it. I know it's wrong, but I wanted some for my very own!! Even though I just decided I have to go on a bead buying holiday for a bit (yeah, yeah, sure) I had to go order a little sample for myself before I even finished reading your blog post. Your mother's work is exquisite! Like mother, like daughter I guess! Thanks for making this available. :)

  2. Just beautiful! Adding to my Etsy list for "one of these days"

  3. I was hoping and wishing these might come to your shop! Yay! They are beautiful in each colorway and bead style...and I love love love Vintage!! Congratulations to both of you with this wonderful and stunning new item!

  4. well done "mom" .. they are beautiful ... love the colors! and texture. very eye catching!