Another Shop Update and a Tutorial for You!

It's been way too long since I've had my pressed flower beads stocked in my shop, so the last couple weeks I got out my molds and set to work. I just finished painting (ah! painting… sheer bliss!) and here's what's up for grabs…

These ferns are brand new—I actually forgot I'd even made this mold!

These sweet wild roses are also brand new! I'm amazed at the detail that was captured!

And I made some new style Queen Anne's Lace pendants too.

I also painted a few larger feathers…

I was just playing around with colors on these, so I probably won't be able to paint any new ones exactly the same, but I'm really happy with the way they look and will definitely be making more in other colors.

See everything in my shop here!

Sweet little kitty was a huge help with the photography… 

I love this guy!

This weekend is my turn to post on AJE… and yes, I did another tutorial! This time it is my CoM bracelet with Sue's chicklet beads: Sweet Flower Dreams. Check it out here!

Also I just finished some new flower garden bunnies with a pretty grey vintage floral print. My mom is working on some matching fabric covered bead cords to go with them, so hopefully we'll be able to show them to you next week—I love the way they turned out!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lock myself in the studio and there won't be any new beads until the new critters are finished… yes, you read that right! Three brand new sleepy critters are in the works!

I'll probably peek out now and then and show some pretty pictures on my blog or something… but until then… happy creating!

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  1. These beads are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I need a great big HUGE LOVE button!!!! Some seriously fantastic shapes and flowers. And yes, I adore your mom's fabric bead strand in that adorable bracelet! I'm taking notes too, since I'm in Toltec Jewels Blog challenge with Sue's chicklet beads!

  3. I have told you before how much I love your work and today is no exception! I love queen anne's lace!

  4. I am crazy about your new beads and I believe that kitty-participation raises bead values about 97%-patricia