Sunshine in my day

If you're a jewelry artist then of course you know what joy those little handcrafted pieces of goodness lovingly made by artists near and far can bring. As one who makes her own beads too, I feel this is extra special, because while I may not fully understand the process that goes into these creations, I do understand the effort involved and I definitely feel a great connection with fellow bead makers—intricate detail or simplistic style, I treasure each one that falls into my hands. Creating is such happiness—and enjoying someone else's creation and making it into something just a little bit more by adding it to my own jewelry creations… well, it's the sunshine in my day!

Here are the most recent treasures which I'm so happy to now call my own…

Pretties from Lesley Watt. Lesley has a great sense of texture and color—it always results in gorgeous components!

This honey golden daisy on blue says summer to me—I think of the daisy-filled fields that surround my home every time I look at.

Sweet blue cubes—I'm loving the little bit of speckling in these!

Coffee, anyone?! Or maybe it's root-beer—either way I'm loving this rich brown. And yes, I could use a big cup of caffeine right about now.

Beautifully detailed bronze clay charms made with the impression of a real ammonite.

And a stunning rust and green ceramic ammonite "fossil" set.

Next, are these brand new creations by Linda Landig

If you follow AJE blog then you already know of Linda's journey as a budding ceramic artist—I'm really so very thrilled to be the owner of some of her very first pieces!

Isn't this orange just yummy?!

And this mottled and rustic leaf charm is the June CoM challenge piece I chose. Linda surprised us with the option to each choose a unique piece—let me tell you, it was a hard choice! With all the variations, this is going to be such a fun reveal!

And lastly, but not at all least, are these new treasures… 

Especially made for me by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati, these two little handcrafted gems—one stamped and painted polymer, and the other painted sea glass—hold a very special place in my heart.

This short message says a lot to me and about me.

Isn't this a fun piece? Erin has challenged me by leaving it without a hole, but it's cheerful colors coupled with the rustic feel and arrow shape have started my creative gears turning…

So, a big thank you to each of you ladies for these new treasures of bright sunshine and artistry! Bundled up inside each of these miniature works of art are so many happy hours of creating!

* * *

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  1. So glad my beads make you smile Rebakah - I love seeing what other artisans put into their worj too and it's great to be part of such a supportive and sharing community.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my little ceramic creations. I love all the other goodies you've collected as well. I always feel such a strong connection to each creator when I design with artisan beads. It feels like a privilege to co-design jewelry with them. And you know I love your work too!!!